IT’S PRIDE MONTH BABY, a time of love and celebration for the LGBTQ+ community all around the world. It’s a month where millions can come together to support each other, share stories, love, lots of hugs, and raise awareness. Online – on a very wholesome, pure part of Twitter – is a magical thing, a beautiful thing, a thing called Pride Doggos. That’s dogs dressed in pride apparel and it’s about as close to paradise as humans will ever get.

The very good Twitter account, @WeRateDogs is once again leading the charge for showcasing this year’s pride dogs. In a tweet at the beginning of June, founder / dogfather Matt Nelson asked the account’s eight million followers to send in pictures of their pride pups using the hashtag #PrideMonthPuppo. 

The pictures do not disappoint.

This beautiful boy’s name is Bokky and he is one happy floofer with his divine rainbow tail.


There’s a whole lot of pride doggos in that thread and it is your civic duty to look at all of them. Otherwise, here’s a handful of beautiful pooches in their rainbow headbands, tutus, bandannas, and hats.

Once again, that’s #PrideMonthPuppo for all the goodness.



If I keep going this yarn will never end so I leave you with one more precious picture.

I LIE, one more:

In some dog-related news, if you find yourselves in Melbourne next Tuesday then Guide Dogs Victoria are teaming up with Yarra Trams to bring you yet another session of Pat and Chats. 

The upcoming session will run on Tuesday, 18 June between 2:00pm and 4:00pm on tram #5003, which you can find on the day via TramTracker. Alternatively, you’re looking for the Route 19 tram travelling from Stop 7 at Queen Victoria Market down Elizabeth Street in the CBD.

Keep an eye on the event page on Facebook for updates and confirmation, right HERE

Image: Twitter / WeRateDogs