Sundays are often synonymous with hangovers, mid-life crises and general vulnerability, which is why I think it’s imperative that you surround yourself with most joyful, wholesome content on the web. And what type of content never fails to incite feelings of joy and warmth? Footage of excitable doggos, of course.

Reddit user @bsurfn2day posted a video depicting arguably the world’s most exuberant doggo prancing in succession while on a casual stroll with its owner. This is surely the most excited dog on the internet and I dare you to find a video that radiates more joy. DARE YOU.

First of all, please feast your eyes on prancing pooch:


The footage made its way to Twitter, with users marvelling at prancing pooch. Check out the wonderful gallops below.

The owner’s nonchalant expressions provide such a great contrast to prancing pooch’s utter joy.

“The owner’s calm demeanour screams “I’m used to this”. So funny,” commented Reddit user o00oo00oo. (I stan this username more than I probably should.)

“That looks like a Bearded Collie. My mom bread and showed them for 20 years. They are know for being springy. It’s called the beardy bounce,” added user Motur.

I hope this wholesome footage soothed your Sunday woes.

Prancing pooch, we are truly undeserving of your springing steps.


Image: Reddit / bsurfn2day