What, you think a pet doesn’t know what you’re getting up to there? Believe me, they know. They know and you 100% trust they’re going to endeavour to get in the damn way. But does that stop you? Apparently not.

In a study by realestate.com.au about the relationships we have with our non-human housemates, it’s been found that 30% of those surveyed absolutely do the dirty while they’re in the room, and almost HALF of Aussie cat owners are guilty of it. Cats already pass enough judgement by us simply existing in the same room as them, why give them more reason to judge the shit out of you by showing them your full ass?


Dogs, however, I’m sure they don’t give a shit. They’ll hump a pillow to an inch of its life right there on the kitchen floor while you’re trying to serve dinner to your parents so nothing truly phases them.


Speaking of pets in bedrooms; it turns out 66% of us will let our pets sleep in our beds with us which is fine. It’s fine! The only trade-off with waking up with a cute animal snuggling you in the morning when they’re all cute and soft and warm is that your bed will probably be full of hair but hey your whole life is full of hair when you have a pet so what’s the difference??


Animal behaviourist Laura V says that consistancy is key when it comes to pets in the bedroom – so if you’re gunna let ’em on the bed then make it a normal thing. But maybe pop the fluffy friends out when you’re getting handsy, for the love of dog.

This survey reinforces the strong bond we share with our pets, perhaps a little too strong in some cases. All pets crave attention and just want to be loved so, like any family member, it’s important to provide them with the right levels of care and affection,

While sharing a bed with a dog or cat is something that can divide households, there’s actually no harm in it as long as you’re consistent with your behaviour. That said, it’s probably advisable to let Fido or Felix out of the room if things start to heat up with your partner.

It also turns out that half of us would rather live with an animal than another person, which tbh fair enough. I get that. Pets are generally quiet, pretty much love you regardless of if you fuck up or not, and don’t get pissy when you show up back home at 4am drunk off your tits, falling through the door and shooshing yourself (and half the neighbourhood.)


Ah, fluffers. Gotta love ’em.

Image: Archie Comics