After a massive nation-wide search last year, where PEDESTRIAN.TV enlisted the help of The Baha Men to find the #1 Pet Of The Year, we’ve found our #1.

With literally thousands of entries to wade through, we’re super stoked to bring you the winner of our pets search.

Drumroll please, ladles and jellybeans…

Introducing Charlie, the extremely glam chihuahua from Queensland who impressed us all with this bloody exceptional entry, taking it back to the streets where her human, Charissa, rescued her at 18 months old when she was abandoned in a dog park. Charissa took her to a local vet with the intention of dropping Charlie off for her owners to pick her up, but the little pup ended up being adopted by Charissa.

After Much Searching, Pls Say G’Day To The P.TV Pet Of The Year
Image supplied.

We had a chat with Charlie’s human, Charissa, about the winning entry, Charlie’s home life, and what they’ll be spending the $5k cash monies on.

We rescued Charlie when she was approximately 18 months old. So the look was inspired by what we like to think her life was like before we – er – domesticated her; being one of the cool kids lurking in backstreets, scruffin’ around for bones and all that.

Apparently Charlie doesn’t dress up as much as she used to – now that she’s a mother of four, she keeps her dress-up days for special occasions. Two of her babies grew up to be Very Important Pups, taking on acting roles in the recent Legally Blonde musical.

After Much Searching, Pls Say G’Day To The P.TV Pet Of The Year
Image supplied.

So what did Charlie (and her doting human, Charissa) score themselves? Apart from a crisp $5k in the bank – which we have been told will go towards new balls, dog treats, and maybe a pup-friendly beach holiday, they’ve scored themselves a glamorous photoshoot, a whole year of free pet insurance from, a FitBark, and vouchers from Vet Shop and Hamish McBeth.

Charlie the P.TV Pet Of The Year will have her gorgeous lil’ face on our site for a month, so keep your eyes peeled for this beaut pooch popping up here soon.

Congrats, Charlie. Consider yourself part of the P.TV fam now.

Image: Buena Vista Pictures