In breaking news, this lady lost her African grey parrot named Chanel.

“Please, everyone share this,” she posted in a livestream. “My parrot’s just flew away out my garden.”

“CHANNNNNNNNEL,” she then called out, down her street. “Her name’s Chanel, she’s gone towards the canal. Please everyone.”


Chanel’s silence was deafening.

The footage found it’s way to Twitter thanks to user @jamesc1995. “Utterly OBSESSED with this Facebook video of this woman who’s lost her parrot Chanel,” he captioned the owner’s call-out.

It wasn’t long before #FindChanel began popping up all over Twitter. A Chanel the Parrot profile was also created, and hundreds of users started posting delectable content pertaining to Chanel and her owner’s predicament.

In an incredible turn of events, later footage confirmed that Chanel had reunited with her owner. “It’s Chanel, we got her back,” the lady can be heard saying, in between sniffles. “It’s really her. We got her. I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone single person on Facebook, ’cause if it wasn’t for youse, we wouldn’t have found her, so thank you from the bottom of me heart.”

In other parrot-related news, please observe the following footage a man going on daily runs with his pet parrots. This came into my existence 4 months ago, and not a day goes by that I don’t think about it. So please think about it with me. Thanks.

Image: Twitter / @jamesc1995 & @jackremmington