Rat fans, gather ye round and doff thy caps, for we hath a new Rat King. An Australian Rat King at that. The little rats are preparing a republic referendum as we speak.

The rat was apparently spotted in Westfield Parramatta in Sydney, which I now think we can christen as Parram-ratta. Yes, I am simply a jester in the court of the Parram-ratta Rat King.

This mighty beast was shared on the r/Sydney subreddit by user Away-Pepper-9239.

In the video, the worryingly large rattus rattus is seen scampering across what looks to be food court floors. Perhaps he simply fancied a delicious treat?

The post was delightfully titled “Ratatouille Parramatta Westfield Edition” so I can only imagine this particular rat is a cousin of Remy.

“Remy is late for work again!” wrote one user. Please, as if esteemed chef Remy the Rat would ever be late for work. That rat has an unmatched passion for cooking.

Rats are simply vibing all over the city. This is an indisputable fact of living: there is probably a rat within at least 500 metres of you.

I mean, who can forget the Newtown Chemist Warehouse rats? They were apparently having a veritable rat rave among the iron tablets.

The Parram-ratta Rat King joins a long lineage of fellow international rat icons.

My personal favourite was New York’s Crab Rat, who was spotted hauling an entire crab through the subway. A fancy rat after my own tastes.

Then there was the inimitable Chunky German Sewer Rat, who found himself wedged in a manhole cover like a delicious piece of cheese.

With the addition of Westfield Parramatta rat, we’ve got ourselves a veritable International Coalition of Rats.

Like the ratty version of the mini mouse UN in The Rescuers. I wonder what they talk about? It’s probably all about the best strategies for sneaking snacks and how to make a delicious romantic dinner for their human-and-or-rat friends.

Godspeed Parramatta Rat King. Go swiftly into the night carrying discarded Macca’s chips to your rodent brethren.

PEDESTRIAN.TV has reached out to Westfield for comment.