Oh, sure. You might be buff. You might be sporting a rig that puts Mack Trucks to shame. You might be able to chip baked-on sauce off a pot with your abs of steel wool. But you sure as shit aren’t as massive as this one outrageously ripped roo.

The bulky kangaroo was spotted gettin’ aesthetic in a creek near Margaret River in Western Australia’s south-west.

Jackson Vincent encountered the massive beast while out walking with his dog. The roo was standing waist-deep in the water and the dog, along with owner, went in for a closer look. Unfortunately, the roo wasn’t having a bar of it.

I ran down and wanted to take a photo of my dog … I turned around and there was a kangaroo sitting in the river. He sort of just looked over at us and I started taking photos, and the dog started barking, and then he started coming out of the water and then we realised how big he was.

He really puffed himself up for me and my dog.

Upon realising that the roo had apparently spent its life up until that point grinding out in the gym, Vincent and his dog thought it best to keep their distance.

Seriously, the roo is big. It’s very big.

Folks online have not been able to handle the sheer size of the swol roo, and its very effective attempt to staunch out the mirin’ fool. Partly because of its insane size. And partly because of its uncanny resemblance to a shirtless Vladimir Putin.

It’s freakin’ uncanny, I tell you.

We do not know how the ‘Roo got so ripped, but we strongly suspect a heavy emphasis on chest day. And, given the size and definition, we can only assume there’s a Kangaroo version of Stereosonic goin’ down this weekend.

Shredding for Stez doesn’t discriminate by species, folks.

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Source: ABC News
Image: Instagram / ABC News