Look at this small little furry creature dancing on these tiles.

Just look at him. He is dancing on those tiles. Those tiles look slippery and standing upright on his two feet doesn’t come natural to this dog, but that doesn’t stop him dancing right here on these tiles. Rumour has it he is still dancing, right this minute.

This dog is beautiful, quite like all dogs. I’ll go one further, actually, and say all pets are beautiful. We ship pets!!1!

That’s why it’s so messed up that every year, approximately 200,000 healthy pets remain unclaimed in Australia’s pounds and shelters – roughly 110,000 dogs and 120,000 cats are left homeless each year, which results in euthanasia rates exceeding six figures annually.

It’s sad as hell but there’s something you can do to help. And that’s to adopt a lil’ monster.

National Pet Adoption Day is on the horizon (February 4th, folks). This is important because it’s the one day you can pester your parter / parents / housemates to cave and allow you the pleasure of adding a new critter to your litter.

To celebrate this special day, pet rescue organisations will pay a visit to PETstock stores across Australia on the 4th with homeless animals to help them find families that will love them forever.

All you gotta do is head down to your local shop, say g’day to the darlings, give ’em a pet and, if you’re equipped to deal with a pet (read this first if you’re not sure), take one home.

The result? You get a brand new mate who’ll love you forever, regardless of your terrible cooking skills and questionable personal hygiene. And your mate will get the love they deserve.

Now that’s something to dance about.