Meghan Markle‘s adorable rescue dog, Guy the Beagle – who you would’ve seen fanging it royal-style with Queen Liz – is about to become immortalised in book form, with the upcoming release of his perfect doggo memoir, His Royal Dogness, Guy the Beagle: The Rebarkable True Story of Meghan Markle’s Rescue Dog.

Meghan Markle’s Rescue Dog, Guy The Beagle, Is Sniffing At His Own Book

Image source: Simon & Schuster. 

The book, written by Camille March and Mike Brumm, illustrated by EG Keller, and out through publisher Simon & Schuster in late November, comes highly recommended by comics Stephen Colbert and Amy Sedaris – which combined with the delickful doggo content sells it for us really. Sedaris called the tome “The Moby Dick of our time, only with a beagle.” (Full disclosure: Brumm is a writer and producer for Colbert’s Late Show.)

As People writes, the book describes Guy’s journey from a rescue pup found wandering in Kentucky‘s Appalachian Mountains all the way to the royal grounds of Kensington Palace in Londonvia animal shelter A Dog’s Dream Rescue in Ontario, from which he was adopted in 2015. Apparently, in the book the dog admits he once ate half of Charlie‘s Cornish Yarg sandwich – which surely made him sick: Cornish Yarg is a semi-hard cow’s milk cheese, which I presume is not good for dogs.

Fuck it, the blurb is cute as hell, and their dog puns are better than mine:

The hilarious, heartwarming, and rebarkable true story of Guy the Beagle, Duchess Meghan Markle’s rescue dog.

Like all good stories, Guy the Beagle’s begins lost in the woods of Kentucky. But his fortunes change when he’s rescued by none other than Princess…er, Duchess-to-be Meghan Markle. Practically overnight, Guy goes from wags to riches. But does this backwoods beagle have what it takes to be welcomed into the royal family?

For the first time ever, Guy reveals how he went from pawper to proper, with help from Emmy award-winning writer and producer of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Mike Brumm and publishing veteran (and devoted Anglophile) Camille March, beautifully illustrated by EG Keller (illustrator of the New York Times bestselling A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo). Guy’s story of finding acceptance in an exceptional family will have readers of all ages barking with laughter.

Bogart, Markle’s other dog, a labrador-shepherd rescued in 2012, must be ragin’ with jealousy. New pup, the black lab, Oz, probably doesn’t mind.

Meghan Markle’s Rescue Dog, Guy The Beagle, Is Sniffing At His Own Book

Image source: Instagram.

Guy’s not the first royal doggo to get his own book: there’s an entire series about Will and Kate‘s cocker spaniel Lupo, which you can pick up through Hachette, while the Queen’s late corgis have also featured in their fair share of children’s books.

Be right back, just gotta go preorder/order copies of literally all of these for my nephew, who definitely exists.

Source: People
Image: Instagram