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Apologies for the above enthusiasm, folks. As mentioned, I wasn’t aware that Tree Kangaroos were a species that existed IRL – and the reason for that’s pretty devastating.

These fury lil’ fellas live in the mountainous rainforests/lowlands of the far north of Queensland, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. But due to deforestation and illegal hunting, their numbers are getting lower and lower every day.

Thankfully, legends like Jim Thomas have decided to do something about it. Thomas, who’s had an affinity with animals since he was young, is a Zoologist/Conservationist who realised one day that he “really wanted to save animals that were in trouble” – and boy, are we glad he came to that conclusion.

His work has seen him travel to several countries, which included a 15-year leg in Papua New Guinea, as well as led him to fill positions at zoos in Victoria – feats that are just a bonus to the phenomenal work he does 24/7.

Anyway, we 100% reckon you should hear more about the great job he does daily/learn more about how he got into such a satisfying gig by watching the below.

Legend status = confirmed.

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Image: Getty Images / CraigRJD