In yet another instalment of This Dog Is Cooler Than Me: a pooch in Adelaide has become a star on Instagram for just how effortlessly chic she is. Her name’s Margaret, Margaret, and she’s a sweet lil’ Italian greyhound.

At the ripe old age of six, Margaret The Iggy has amassed a cool 48,000 followers on Instagram. With such a decent local following, Margaret and her human Anna ended up on Channel 7’s The Morning Show yesterday to chat about life in the spotlight.

Anna explained that she first started dressing Margaret and posting pictures of her on the socials during her maternity leave. It was all for the LOLs at first but the people, they frothed it. In fact, Margaret has become so popular now that people just straight up recognise her.

“We do get noticed everywhere we go,” Anna revealed. “Going out for coffees, I’ll often get people tooting their horns and yelling out ‘Margaret’.”

FUN FACT: Anna’s husband actually proposed to her with Margaret – as in she was the ‘engagement’ ring.

Anna now designs a whole heap of custom made outfits for Italian greyhounds under the label Miggy. She’s also just extended her range to include outfits for whippets as well.

You can find a handful of Italian greyhound wear – modelled by Margaret – and some adorable mugs on Miggy’s Etsy right here.

This divine picture of the pooch gives me strong “Hello, darling” vibes.

Margaret is dressed in the Unley Jumpsuit, the definition of sophistication. Yours for 70 bucks.

Margaret also heads to work with Anna a fair bit and has proven herself to be quite useful around the office.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

I want to be Margaret when I grow up.