The Lost Dogs Home has paired up with the North Melbourne Kangaroos to urge footy fans to adopt bigger dogs this footy season.

In what can only be described as a win-win situation, the campaign involves your favourite Kangaroo players snuggling up with bigger dog breeds like greyhounds in an effort to encourage fans to make these dogs their footy buddy throughout 2020 and beyond.

Jasper Pittard, a defender for the Kangaroos, joined in on the “adopt a buddy this footy season… and for life” campaign after adopting his own pet greyhound.

lost dogs home footy

The campaign was launched after the North Melbourne dog shelter struggled to rehome bigger dog breeds, largerly due to the misconception that big dogs are harder to manage, especially in inner city areas.

However, many large dogs (like greyhounds) are actually perfect companions for apartments and smaller properties, provided you have the time to take them for a decent walk every day. Honestly, if you have any sort of dog, this should be a bare minimum.

There are currently 32 dogs available at the North Melbourne Lost Dogs Home, ranging from 1 year old puppies to fully-grown adult dogs in a number of different breeds. So, you can rest assured that there’s a four-legged friend at the facility to suit your lifestyle and needs.

To make it even easier, Victoria is about to relax rental laws regarding pets as of March 1, which means your landlord basically has to let you have a dog.

In case you were wondering, the dogs pictured are named Kanga and Roo, and yes, they’re both available for adoption for any Kangaroos fan in need of a footy buddy this season.

Image: AAP Images / James Ross