A confused baby koala has latched itself onto the back of an Adelaide Hills dog after mistaking the animal for its mum.

Tony the dog was enjoying a casual Sunday morning wander when the native animal decided to tag along for the ride.

“I followed him on his way out and saw the baby jump on him. It went for about two minutes before he came off and scampered up a tree,” his owner Henry said after letting his pet out for “a pee”.

When Tony’s owner, Henry went outside to check on his pooch, he was shocked to find the koala joey nestled in his fur. The joey, who’s used to hanging on for dear life, had attached himself pretty solidly, and had no plans to let go.

Tony, the adorable dog with the middle-aged man name, wasn’t exactly stoked with his new companion. After walking around the backyard for a minute or two, Tony managed to remove his adoptive child from his back.

The koala then scurried off up a tree, likely deciding to stick to koala backs instead of dogs in future.

“I think his mum was probably up in the tree having a sleep and the baby thought Tony was his mum.”

The miniature schnauzer is apparently way too old for this sort of bullshit, according to his owner Henry. Me too, Tony, me too.

Thankfully, Tony, Henry and the koala all escaped the incident unharmed, and even managed to capture some of the ordeal on video.

Koalas are common in Stirling, a small town in the Adelaide Hills, but this is the first time Henry had seen such an encounter between koalas and dogs. Living in the Adelaide Hills, Tony has likely crossed paths with a few koalas in his travels, but I doubt he was ever expecting to be tackled by one while taking his morning piss.

Although he’s a little confused and not quite sure how to feel about his new pal, Tony has recovered and is back to living the dream in the Adelaide Hills.

Image: 7 News