Every year this big game in the U.S. called the Super Bowl (or Superb Owl, I’m lead to believe) happens and it’s a huge big fuss over a bunch of dudes chucking a ball around, running after each other, and dancing on some very green grass in helmets. It’s a big event on the “Sports Fans” calendar, and important to a lot of humans.

I’m here instead to tell you about two much better bowls that happen around the same time. The Puppy Bowl and it’s counterpart; the Kitten Bowl. Yes, it’s exactly what you’re thinking.

Every year the goodest of boys and girls get to run out on a smaller version of the Superb Owl sorry, Super Bowl field and try and be the best at whatever kind of sport they’re trying to play. I mean, if it’s being “cute as hell” then they’d all be winners in their own right.

This year’s Kitten Bowl features a very sweet three-legged kit named Sunny, who is black as a moonless night and survived Hurricane Irma in Florida. A stray kitten who was trying to escape floodwaters, got her back leg stuck in a fence which then later had to be amputated and I swear to god Sunny is probably the cutest wee thing I’ve ever seen.

Sunny’s currently living with Kitten Bowl host and kitty foster mum, Beth Stern.

She’s representing the Little Longtails and although she’s been sidelined for this season’s big game, she’s still up for adoption – as are all the kitties in Kitten Bowl V.

Source: People
Image: Hallmark Channel