Emergency service workers were called to Bells Beach this morning after reports surfaced of an adorable dog named Jimmy being stranded on a cliff face.

Passersby on the popular Bells Beach alerted 000 after seeing the black and white border collie on a narrow ledge of the steep cliff, about half way down its face. It is believed that he fell a whopping 20 metres down the cliff after escaping from his Jan Juc home on Sunday morning.

Obviously, CFA and SES workers immediately responded to the call to rescue the dog from the edge of the cliff.

Thankfully, Jimmy was found unhurt, despite being a little scared, and has since been returned to his owners.

According to CFA Commander Mark Sinkinson, Jimmy’s owners weren’t even aware he was missing when they were contacted by emergency services workers.

“We’re not sure how or why the dog got out but it was pretty happy to be back up in the car park,” Jimmy’s owners said.

The extensive rescue mission saw a CFA officer lowered down the cliff face using a series of ropes. He then secured Jimmy to a harness and they both held on tight until they reached the top of the cliff. The whole ordeal took about an hour, but resulted in the 9-year-old border collie being returned home relatively unharmed.

The CFA were grateful for the chance to test out the skills of the Geelong High Angle Rescue Team, who may need to use similar techniques to rescue humans from the area in future.

“It was a good training drill … because we have had scenarios where we’ve had people rescued here from the cliffs in this area,” Mark Sinkinson said. “It was good to be able to put it into practise [our skills] and get Jimmy back up.”

Although Jimmy’s owners were a little shocked to find out he’d made headlines, they were glad to have the pooch safe and sound at home.

“I expect he’s looking forward to a nice rest in front of the fire,” Mr Sinkinson said.

Image: 9News