Ever look at your pet having a kip and think “sorry mate but how the hell are you comfortable right now?” then my friend, you’re absolutely not alone. Japan is absolutely losing it over how their pets manage to get a bit of shut-eye.

Pet owners on Twitter are sharing all the extremely odd ways their animal friends fall asleep, in positions that are continually baffling to us humans.

Under the hashtag #飼い主の心臓に悪いペットの寝相コンテスト, which after I ran it through trusty old Google Translate (never trust it) roughly translated to “bad pet sleeping habits contest contest in the owners’ heart”, a bunch of great photos of a whole range of animals sleeping in positions that kinda make you worry that they may have actually stopped breathing.

Hey pal, you ok? Comfy? Need a pillow?

As someone who can barely sleep on anything less than a mattress or a very supportive lounge, looking at pictures of animals snoozing peacefully while contorted in ridiculous shapes and lying on top of an assortment of probably-uncomfortable objects makes my back ache for them.

Not only is it animals twisting their bodies into alarming shapes, but there’s also a bunch of dogs and cats sleeping with their eyes open which to me is incredibly unnerving.

Good lord.

Mate, are you…alive?

Hahahahahahaha my DUDE are you okay????

Although most of the pictures are of animals that look like they’re in such a deep sleep that they’ve travelled to another universe entirely, some of them are so bloody cute that you don’t want them to ever wake up because they look so happy and content and oh don’t wake the baby.

Then there’s this guy who has somehow hogged an entire couch despite being the size of a small potato.

Pal, same.

Image: Twitter / @shi_ina