They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but apparently, you can teach a very smart puppy very specific tricks. Turns out you can bloody teach ’em to respond to commands Harry Potter spells, which just makes you feel like a witch/wizard/warlock.

Actor and YouTuberAnna Brisbin from LA has been teaching her sweet little one-year-old dachshund puppy Remus (!!!) to respond to various Harry Potter spells instead of the basic ‘sit’, ‘fetch’, ‘stay’ and all those other frankly boring tasks.

Considering animals have no fuckin’ idea what we’re actually saying and just associate a sound to an action, it’s actually kinda ingenious to get your dog to associate ‘push down on this clickable floor lamp’ with commands like “lumos” and “nox.

Anna posted a video to her YouTube showing off all the spells that Remus has learned so far and holy shit this is one smart doxie (even if he’s still figuring out the meaning of “descendo” and that it does not mean “jump off the bed.“)

The extent of the tricks and commands is wildly impressive – everything from “expelliarmus” and “stupefy” for ‘drop’ and “accio ball” for fetch to the more impressive “aguamenti” for peeing on command and “alohomora” to press down on a little doorbell so Anna knows he wants to go outside. Remus is SO smart I love him forever.

Can we also please discuss the fact that Remus here is gorgeous and very handsome in his little sweater and Griffindor tie? I love him. I love this silky-eared doxie with all of my heart. Remus also has his own bloody Instagram account because of course he does. What a hot damn good BOY.

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Consider me under a stupefy spell while I watch this adorable video over and over, wishing that I too had a wee puppy that I could train to respond to elaborate spells.

Image: Instagram / @remus_the_doxie