Do you have a soul? Even 10% of one? You’ll want to read on, because some sweet baby angel animals need your HELP. Especially if you live in BRISBANE.

See, the RSPCA just seized over 200 guinea pigs, arguably the cutest and most pure animals on Earth, from a garage in your city. It’s believed they were being used for commercial breeding, because people are straight-up fuckheads with no souls (except for you, you have a soul bc you care and are still reading).

The reason they urgently need foster carers (or owners, tbh) is because the 200+ piggies are sharing one big living space due to lack of facilities at the RSPCA care centre they’re currently housed in.

“The problem is there were 200 males and females all mixed up in cages and over the next 60 days we could have a lot more guinea pigs,Mark Townend, chief executive of RSPCA Queensland, told ABC Radio Brisbane.

So basically the guinea pigs are fucking and they NEED TO STOP THEM BEFORE THEY TAKE OVER THE ENTIRE CITY. That’s what I got from that statement.

“The 200 is a big worry, but they can easily produce more and we could have 600 to 800 guinea pigs soon because they have all been living together and are not de-sexed. They have a month’s gestational period so we feel that there are probably 600 guinea pigs in the making.”

I for one welcome our new overlords.

But in all seriousness – this is a big concern and these guys really need help. If you can’t adopt or foster a little piglet angel, they also need donations to try and manage the bajillion fat furry bois. Mark said everything from hutches to water bottles are welcome.

“We’re putting the guinea pigs out to our foster network, but we need additional foster carers and we need to find specialised cages. We prefer rabbit hutches as there is more room for them to move around, but rabbits are illegal in Queensland, so we have to ship them up from down south. There are also little igloo houses, which we can use which gives them a little privacy. We place water bottles that sit on the edge of the cages too, so we have to buy quite a bit of equipment to keep these animals.”

They’re also open to donations of vegetables and pellets, and said carrots, apples, celery, corn husks and fresh leafy green vegetables and herbs are the go.


You can get involved HERE.