Here’s a dose of day-brightening joy for your Monday arvo: a wave of videos has swept across the internet, all featuring golden retrievers being extra gentle with eggs. It is a meme of pure, unadulterated goodness. They are all the best doggos.

The factoid that goldens are naturally “soft-mouthed” has been around forever (the dogs were first bred by Dudley Marjoribanks, a Scottish lord who wanted a dog that would bring him back his hunting game without damaging it, hence the name “retriever”).

But this new instalment of dogs with eggs in their mouths was all started with this excellent video, of a pooch reluctantly holding on to a raw egg, and even more reluctantly giving it up:

The people are very, very pleased with this offering.

We cannot overstate how much we love this dog. And every other dog who attempted, with varying levels of success, to emulate its extra-gentle egg hold.

Someone please contact the Queen so we can get every one of these beautiful, gentle creatures knighted. Possibly get them some land in the countryside while we’re at it. The graceful egg-loving goldens deserve the world, and we for SURE do not deserve them.

P.S. I can confirm that dogs other than golden retrievers are happy to carry eggs around without breaking them, as I have just witnessed my own dog, a bitza from the pound, book it outside with the egg I gave him. Some doggos just want to nurture their eggs. God bless them all.