In some incredible feat, a cat who was found practically frozen to death buried in the snow in Montana in the US late last week has made a full recovery. Not quite sure if she’s made a deal with the cat devil here or had a few lives to burn, but I’m impressed.

Fluffy – who is an outdoor cat – was found by her humans last Thursday, cacked in snow and ice, cold and unresponsive. Looking at the photo of what she looked like when she arrived at the local vet in Kalispell, I mean that is one frozen meow.

Fluffy The Cat Redeems Another Life After Being Frozen Solid In Snow
What you have there is one rigid moggy, friend. (Image: Facebook/Animal Clinic of Kalispell)

After being taken into care at the vet clinic and treated for several hours, slowly bringing her core temperature back up to normal levels, Fluffy SOMEHOW got another go at life and made a pretty incredible recovery.

The clinic believes that Fluffy may have gotten some kind of injury in the snow, resulting in her not being able to make it to a safe shelter in time before her temperature dropped too low for her to move. According to reports, the vet team used warm water, towels, hairdryers and intravenous fluids to slowly bring her back from the brink of death.

Tbh she doesn’t look too stoked about the whole ordeal, and you can’t blame her really.

I’m not sure if this was Fluffy’s attempt at being cast in the adaptation of Stephen King‘s animal horror, Pet Sematary, but if anything it’s a perfect example of why we should be taking care of our pets, and other wildlife, during periods of extreme weather. And if the off chance your pet or another animal is struggling with severe heat or cold, the importance of getting that animal to professional medical attention immediately.

After this, I’m bloody hoping that Fluffy is given a new life as an indoor cat, destined to purr by the fire through future winters.

Image: Facebook / Animal Clinic of Kalispell