If you’ve ever tried to talk your dog into nicking down the bottle-o to grab another six pack only to be met with the joke that they’d never get served because they “don’t have an ID well you can bloody well get your four-legged mate their own license made up.

Tags For Hope will absolutely make your non-human friend their own license, and the mock ups look wildly similar to each state’s drivers licenses.

Of course these are definitely not actually official IDs, and more just a little tag than you can pop on their collar, but I’ll be damned if the idea of your dog or cat or lizard won’t look cool as hell with their own little ID, proving that yes they absolutely are of age to be buying this catnip thank you very much.

Sorry but hang on a second, PINKY ASMAN. I am DEAD.

Actually, these are pretty great ID tags if you really look at it. They provide so much more info on them than the standard name-and-number combo that you can fit on the normal pet tag.

These little mini-licenses give you the option to add on their home address, their age, their breed, whether they’re a rescue/therapy/service/seeing-eye animal, if they’re microchipped, if they’re spooked by anything, what they DO like, any existing injuries, if their deaf or blind, and what they’re allergic to. Phenomenally useful for if they get picked up by a stranger and dropped at the vet.

Each tag sold helps to provide food and shelter for an animal in need too, which bloody rules.

Anyway, the main thing is, is that I can now force all my friends with pets to buy a cute as hell little NSW license for their animals and then make them wear them forever. Ok thanks.

Image: Instagram / @itsgeorgeous