If you’re a dog owner then you probably find it pretty bloody difficult to shut up about all the cute things that your dogs do — possibly to the endless groaning of your mates to whom you’ve already told the story approximately ten thousand times.

But I beseech you: ignore the naysayers who clearly do not enjoy fun. As someone who is sadly lacking in dog yet totally overflowing with dog appreciation, I welcome your tale.

So too do the producers of the Netflix docuseries ‘Dogs‘, who are currently pawing at the internet for a new parade of pups to showcase in Season Two.

The first season featured six episodes of truly blessed dog content that could probably cure all ills (absolutely not scientifically proven but I’d believe it). We’re talking beautiful canine souls like Zeus, a husky trapped in Syria whose owner was desperately trying to get him out, and Ice, the canine companion of an adorable ‘lil Italian fisherman.

And yes, I became far too invested in the lives of these creatures, but I am absolutely ready to experience the same cuteness-derived emotional heartache in Season Two. I’m ready to ugly cry again.

In a joint statement to Variety discussing the renewal, executive producers Glen Zipper and Amy Berg said,

We are so excited that our pack is back for Season 2 of ‘Dogs’! From the beginning we have said that the joy shown in ‘Dogs’ helps bring people together and that same feeling will translate more than ever in season 2.

There isn’t actually a release date for the new season yet (unsurprising given that they’re still scoping out the dogs that are quite necessary to create, well, ‘Dogs’), but you can definitely pop your pup into the running.

If you reckon their tale is worthy of being broadcast to the entire world, just tag @netflixdogs in a social media post telling their unique story, accompanied by the hashtag #netflixdogstory.

Seriously, in no uncertain terms, I need you to know that I will absolutely watch the shit out of your dogs. I love them with all my soul already.

Please. Show me dog.

Image: Instagram / @cinnamonthepomeranian