Having a pet can be rough. Sure, they’re cute and cuddly and give you unconditional love, but you also have to do gross things for them. Like check dog poo for signs of unhealthiness, for example. Or watch your cat go to the toot so you can make sure they’re pooping normally. Pet parent life is strange.

Petbarn and Greencross Vets have partnered up on a campaign to get pet owners to check their pets poos more often, looking for signs their dog/cat might be unwell or need nutritional care. According to their research, 75% of Aussies aren’t certain about what they should be looking for when it comes to healthy pet poo – not great, guys.

Thankfully they’ve made some absolutely LOL but also very helpful pics so we can all learn a bit more about our… pets shits.

First, check the colour.

Texture is also important.

FYI, a #2 on the texture scale is perfect. Hard pellety poos are a sign of constipation caused by too much fibre in their food or dehydration. The more watery the poo, the more likely gastro issues or food intolerances.

In general, here’s what a healthy poo looks like for a dog:

And cats?

The colour advice is similar to dogs:

And ditto for texture:

Think your pet’s poo might be a bit off? the Petbarn website has extensive info from Greencross Vets for you, if your pet is exhibiting any of the concerning signs from above. Check it out here.