People are being urged to vote for the Cutest Musician’s Pet for the iHeartRadio Music Awards and the contenders are all perfect creatures – and aside from Ariana Grande‘s pet pig, they’re all dogs – owned by celebs Perrie Edwards from Little MixLauren Jauregui, formerly of Fifth Harmony, Brett Eldredge, Disney‘s Sabrina Carpenter, Alex Pall from The Chainsmokers and Lady Gaga.

While we do not agree with pitting gorgeous pets against each other, we are taking this opportunity to highlight just how good all these absolute treasures are. It’s Thursday and I need this.

First let’s talk about Ariana Grande’s Piggy Smallz, the mini pig with big brown eyes Grande first adopted with her ex Pete Davidson. She got sole custody baby! Here’s their Instagram.

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This little guy is Hatchi, and Edwards’ Pomeranian also has an Instagram of their very own.

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Mini Me H????

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Meet Gracie, French Bulldog, who has her own Instagram, you’re welcome.

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Gracie’s Instagram is encouraging you to vote for her, which you can do if you like. Over on Twitter, Jauregui writes that the pup is “SO grateful to be considered cute enough to be in this category (even though I’m my heart she’s the only winner of course Here’s All The Precious Floofs Vying For The Title Of Cutest Musician’s Pet)“.

Edgar is Eldredge’s precious Weizsla, and surprise, he has an Instagram. He is in most of Eldredge’s pics too.

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You’re gonna give me that bacon or else….

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Goodwin is Carpenter’s Maltese Cross, and don’t you know they have an Insty.

Another dog with an Instagram for you to follow – this guy’s Pall’s Golden Retriever Mooshu.

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Carrying your one drunk friend out the club

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Last and definitely not least, Golden Globe winner Lady Gaga’s French Bulldog pooch, Miss Asia. Yep, her Instagram’s here.

The iHeartRadio Music Awards are on March 14. If you insist on voting for the Cutest Musician’s Pet you can do so HERE. I will be voting for Ariana Grande in all categories.

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