Before we get into anything at all here, look at this dog. Observe the contrast between its sheepish glance and its threatening spikes:

Is this dog, Beanie, ashamed of how far it is removed from its wolf-like ancestors? Of how it is forced to rely on the garish technology of humans to contend with animals that once would have been its equal until we perverted its DNA over generations of selective breeding? We simply do not know. All we know for certain is that that dog is now at least somewhat safer from coyotes.

I don’t know if this is a normal thing in the US, where coyotes and dogs exist, but this outlandish vest the dog is wearing is definitely new to me, and to a bunch of people on Twitter, apparently.

The armoured jacket the dog is wearing comes from Coyote Vest and is designed to operate in a three-fold manner: with stab-resistant Kevlar padding, to protect the animal; brightly coloured bristles, which apparently deter coyotes by irritating their eyes and mouths; and with spikes, to spike the coyotes. What a world.

You can watch a video explaining how this works with the use of a stuffed dog and a coyote skull below:

Image: Twitter / Drrramina