If there was one animal on this whole planet that would make me consider that familiars might actually be a real and true thing, it’s this wild bear spotted in the backyard of a place in California last Friday, enjoying the shit out of the American summer with a dip in the hot tub and a zesty margarita.

The big fluffy friend was spotted by Mark Hough, who heard noise coming from over the fence while he was outside having an afternoon drink with his wife.

Talking to Associated Press, Hough said that upon realising that the noise was actually a big bear clambering over the fence and finding its way to the jacuzzi, the couple bailed inside with their dogs.

When he went to check out to see if the visitor had left, Hough found it hanging out in their jacuzzi, playing with the chlorinator and other things bobbling around in the water.

Hough said that after the wild pal got bored of splashing around in the hot tub with the jets on, it hoisted itself back out again, found a margarita that was left out by the couple, and proceeded to lap it up.

The bear then wandered off, climbed up a tree, and had a two-hour nap and tbh, same. That’s 100% what my Sunday afternoons on a summer’s day look like.

Seriously look at this precious angel and tell me that this isn’t you in the bath/pool/jacuzzi after a few tasty margys.

Bless you, Jacuzzi Bear. Live your best god damned life.

Source: Associated Press
Image: Youtube / AP