The Christmas present we do not deserve but totally adore comes in the form of a bunch of puppos in a nativity scene, recreating the birth of Christ, complete with a wee baby in the manger.

Cast your wonder upon this Christmas miracle, simply because the photographer managed to get several dogs to stay COMPLETELY STILL, while she snapped a pic.

The collective of blessed animals are clients of Jo Kingston and her husband, who run a pet grooming service in MountsorrelLeicestershire (it’s in the UK), who decided to pop together the incredibly blessed image with some of their most well-behaved pooches.

Sorry can we please just take a moment to appreciate the TINY puppy in the manger, lookin’ out at the world like some kind of small angel, sent down to Earth from some otherworldly place, to bless us all with its pure, unadulterated cherub face?

Bet that little shit ate through someone’s phone charger this morning. Look at that face.

Credit: Facebook.

As a strongly-apathetic toward religion and all that, I’ve never really appreciated nativity scenes. Not until now. I guess that’s the best way to get me interested in literally anything – replace the humans with dogs. It makes the whole thing more pure. I wonder if instead of bringing gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh, these wide dawgs offered the Baby Jesus Pup with chew-toys, liver treats, and walkies.

Merry Christmas, may your days be filled with snoots to boop and hungry pups sneaking scraps of family lunch under the table.

Image: Facebook / Wags To Riches