Even if you’re not a human being with a basic comprehension of the way the world works, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a merry old time on Christmas Day.

Case in point: these adorable pups, who are just completely loving life today. And what’s not to love?

For these Christmas dogs, there’s wrapping paper to be played with.

Novelty costumes to be worn.


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Whose elfs is this?

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Presents to be destroyed.

And sometimes they are the present. Oh, my heart.

And when it’s all over, there’s naps to be had.

Look, they may not understand what the day actually means, but dogs know good vibes when they feel them and what vibes are better than a fair dinkum Aussie Xmas? NOTHING, that’s the answer here.

Merry Xmas to all our furry m8s.

Image: Twitter / @Jadeecarlson