For those Melbourne folk who love cats and have been filthy about the fact that there’s an annual Dog Lovers Show and nothing for them, then you’ll be a smitten kitten to know that in 2018 the Cat Lovers Show is officially kicking off.

For the feline fanciers, you’ve got plenty of time to zhoosh up your puss, because the show isn’t on until September 8 and 9 at the Royal Exhibition Centre in Carlton.

cat lovers show melbourne 2018Here’s me.

What can you expect from the weekend event? Well, there’s pat-a-cat, where you can…well you can pat a cat, I guess. Have a bit of a cuddle with a fancy floof, and give them just the right amount of attention in their designated patting zones (read: behind ears, down the back, on the butt, NOT THE BELLY. DO NOT TOUCH THE BELLY.)

There’s also a cat adoption area, where you can get as much info as you need before being adopted by a feline who will absolutely be your master and not the other way around, peasant, and main show areas where you can see talks from kitty experts and watch some extremely talented cats do their thing.

Some of Instagram‘s most popular Aussie catfluencers will be there too, and god damn I hope Omar the Maine Coon will be gracing us all with his incredibly long presence.

The weekend weather forecast is for storms and a lot of rain! Better enjoy the garden while I can ????????????????

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So please, a round of appaws for the Cat Lovers Show hitting Melb next year, and please for the love of god do not leave anything breakable near the side of a ledge under any means.

Image: Getty Images / Shirlaine Forrest