Conservation biologist and Twitter user Imogene Cancellare (AKA @biologistimo) has single-handedly melted the universe after posting a video of blue sheep in China walking down a cliff. Now, this may seem all well and good, but the cliff is so vertical I had to rub my eyes to check that it wasn’t photoshop.

The footage, filmed in China’s Valley of the Cats, left many considering whether the video was rotated 90 degrees. It’s that steep.

I mean, it literally looks like a sheer vertical cliff face and these sheep are frolicking around like they’re on their way to Sunday mass.

The start of the video looks like the start of a horror movie when a bunch of spider eggs hatch and the babies crawl down the wall.

Sharon, call 911. I’m suing these beasts for defying gravity and logic. As you can imagine, Twitter’s had a field day:

I’m with Tom.

Anyway, my brain has now fried and nothing else matters. Today is offically cancelled.

Image: Twitter / @biologistimo