New Aussie doco, Backtrack Boys, about a travelling jackaroo and his talented dogs who help disadvantaged young boys to realise their dreams and potential is copping a huge release across cinemas nationwide from tomorrow.

Peep the trailer below to see the pups in action, it’s all so fkn wholesome.

Backtrack Boys follows the Back Track program’s founder Bernie Shakeshaft as three young teens, Zac, Rusty and Tyson, join him and the dogs after having their respective brushes with the law. The three country boys are typical of the types of kids that Bernie has worked with since he launched the Back Track program back in 2006 – kicked out of school, regularly run-ins with the cops, beelining to a life in and out of prison.

Bernie has taken close to 1000 young people under his wing through Back Track, getting them to help with raising, training, and performing with the working dogs, in turn helping the troubled teens to realise their own potential and getting them to shift their perspective on their own lives.

I mean hell, the Back Track team got to meet Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on their first trip to Aus and would you just look at how stoked this pup is here.

These Red Carpet Pups Are The Stars Of A New Heartwarming Aussie Doco

The mentoring program also works in a  education for the team, which is able to be tailored to each person and the way that they learn best. Bernie helps the young Aussies to learn about housing, financial, legal, and social issues, as well as basic reading and writing skills.

The doco has received pretty high praise from Aussie film festivals, including audience awards from both Sydney and Melbourne international film festivals.

You can catch this deeply wholesome Aussie doco at select Event CinemasVillage Cinemas and independent theatres from October 25, and you can find the closest screening to you over on the doco’s website.

Image: BackTrack Boys / Sydney Film Festival