Stop literally everything you are doing (let’s be real it’s lunchtime on a day before a long weekend, you were not doing much) because this is a baby animal update that you are very much deserving of. Specifically, a baby rhino update.

Toronto Zoo in Canada is the home to an extremely-fresh baby rhino – so fresh in fact that he doesn’t even have a name yet. I’m talking like 20 days old. He’s a bloody tiny brand new beb and is only just exploring the world around him.

The zoo’s staff have been keeping a log of the wee Greater One-Horned Rhino calf, documenting him getting curious about everything going on in his enclosure with mum, Ashakiran, being absolutely bewildered by a carrot, and learning how to scratch his body on stuff.

Anyway he’s finally embraced his daily baths with his mum, after being a bit apprehensive about the whole water situation. So please, enjoy this impossibly adorable video of a wee bab rhino just loving himself sick in a big shower of water.


May you embrace the rest of the week like this little dude clearly is.

Image: Twitter / @TheTorontoZoo