Turns out we’d just about do anything for our fluffy mates, including taking precious sickie days and spending a motza on them to make sure they’re happy, healthy, and comfortable.

According to a study held last year, 26% of the 1000 humans surveyed have stayed home from work to look after their pets, with 30% of those that own cats skipping out on work to take care of their (probably indifferent) felines.

Around 30% of those surveyed have missed out on social engagements like parties and events to stay home and snuggle up with their pettos, and 60% of them admit that their pet actively influences their mood.

So that means we’re totally happy to bail on plans with other humans and stay home to hang out with our floofers, and they’re beneficial to our mental health – if they’re happy then we’re happy too.


Pups also encourage their humans to get out for a run around too, with 30% of doggo owners agreeing that their pooch decides whether or not they’re going to exercise.

I guess the only question to ask here is, who’s owning who?

Source: comparethemarket
Image: MGM