It’s currently January 14 in the U.S. because we live in the future, and Jan 14 over there is apparently Dress Up Your Pet Day which tbh is the greatest non-holiday event day I’ve ever heard of.

What is Dress Up Your Pet Day? Well mate, it pretty much does what it says on the label. It’s a day where you dress up your pet in some ridiculous costume, probably piss off your domesticated mate in the process, and if you’re trying to dress up a cat – probably get yourself cursed by the feline gods for making your kitty look like a fool for the sake of content.

But, let me tell you, there’s a bunch of very good photos floating around online of peoples’ pets who are patiently allowing themselves to be dressed up by their humans, posing for one (1) photo before immediately ripping it off themselves (I imagine).

So please, take a moment to stop what you’re doing and enjoy these precious babies dressed to the nines. It’s Monday, you deserve it.

Oh man, Satchel aren’t you just so fetching in these getups??

Yeah Ricky The Cat‘s owners are definitely cursed by the Cat Gods for this, hey.

Ok this is some good lizard cosplaying here. Nice one you lil’ dragon.

LOOK at all these good dogs just out here barracking for their team.

Sorry but Ollie here is absolutely going to shit on the rug later, just to spite you.

Jasmine is really loving being a little Pikachu though. What a bloody sweetheart.

Oh. My. GOD.


This is too much, I could spend all day looking at animals dressed up and looking incredibly adorable.

I love this whole thing. Can Australia pls adopt it for ourselves? If we can take Halloween, we can take this.

Image: Twitter / @kasia92