Well, a bunch of people have left joke Google reviews for the Woodville Pizza Bar in Adelaide after a worker who tested positive for COVID-19 lied to contact tracers, plunging the state into a six-day ‘circuit breaker’ lockdown.

Many South Australians were mad that they were forced into an unnecessary lockdown, so have now taken it upon themselves to spam the now infamous pizza shop with fake Google reviews.

Most of the reviews have since been deleted, but thanks to the screenshot function, you can still find many of them on Twitter.

Angry South Australians are also spamming the Woodville Pizza Bar Facebook page.

However, other people on Twitter pointed out that there may have been outside pressures on the man to lie to authorities.

On Friday, it was revealed that South Australia would end its lockdown early, after a man lied to contact tracers and said he had contracted COVID-19 after purchasing a pizza from the Woodville Pizza Bar.

The truth was that he had actually worked at the pizza shop for a number of shifts, alongside a colleague who also worked a second job as a security guard in Adelaide’s hotel quarantine program.

The reason the lie caused so much fear in health authorities, is that they believed that if someone could contract the virus from a pizza box, then a wide range of people may have been exposed to the virus through “casual transmission.”

SA Premier Steven Marshall said that if that individual had been truthful then the state would not have gone into a six-day lockdown.

“The second consequence of that lie is this person has numerous associates, persons of interest that we are now trying to identify and locate that we would not have had to do so had they been truthful from the beginning,” Marshall said.

“There is an absolute need for us to move quickly over the next 24 36 hours to identify and locate these people so we know we have eliminated the risk of this particular strain spreading further into the community.”

Rest in pepperoni, Woodville Pizza Bar.

Image: Getty Images / Kelly Barnes