We Asked 7 People About The Worst Time Their Internet Cut Out

Has this ever happened to you? You’re playing your favourite game, League of Legends, you’re about to go into a big team fight and suddenly, your character stops moving. Everything freezes and that haunting bar appears – “Attempting to Reconnect…” You sit there in horror, anxiety rising, praying your Internet fixes itself soon.

Seconds pass feeling like hours, but to no avail. You race to troubleshoot the problem, hoping your computer resolves the connection, but it’s too late. You reconnect, your team has wiped and you just lost the game. Everyone reports you and calls you names for having bad Wi-Fi. You cry yourself to sleep that night.

Thankfully, you’re not alone. Countless people suffer from their internet cutting out at a pivotal moment in their lives. For some, it’s happened while streaming their favourite show, losing connection before a major cliffhanger. Or when giving an important presentation and cutting out mid-speech, so the screen freezes on an unflattering angle.

We asked a bunch of Aussies to share their story about the worst time their internet cut out.


I was in a University league Overwatch tournament and my ADSL2 internet cut on me, completely wrecking my role as an off-healer and getting us put in the lower bracket. To make up for it, I ended up going into the uni and using their internet so it didn’t happen again.


I was driving and an interviewer rang to see if I was free for a video call later. So I quickly swerved into a Macca’s car park and took the call. My phone’s data was so laggy that we were constantly catching the end of what the other was saying. It got to the point that I just nodded to whatever she said. I didn’t get a call back but at least I got fries to take home with me.


It happened to me when I was having to let someone go from their job. It was during lockdown, so I could only do it virtually. I basically said – “We have decided it best to part ways effective immediately” and then my internet went down. It was as if I hung up immediately. It was horrible! I immediately scrambled to find their mobile number to explain quickly.


When I was interviewing one of my favourite authors for a podcast episode my internet dropped out. I came back into the room and kept going but it wasn’t until after we finished that we learnt the audio wasn’t recording from the point of drop out. We thought we’d lost the audio altogether but THANKFULLY there was a backup recording that was salvaged. Before that point though, I was devastated. It also interrupted the flow of the interview.


My worst one was when I was connecting with New York for a junket interview with the Rebel Moon cast and my connection was so sluggish I was at least 10 seconds behind everything they were saying. It was Zack Snyder slow-mo IRL.


I was doing the backend stream for a League of Legends tournament organisation and my net cut out. It was being streamed to 1,000 people — even more embarrassing than a camera tour.


My internet dropped out a full minute before the deadline for an assignment, so I ended up submitting it late. I had to take a ten-point deduction because of that.

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Image Credit: The Simpsons