Footage Of The Crowds At Vivid Sydney Are Doing The Rounds On TikTok & It’s Making Me Nauseous

It’s that time of the year again when thousands of punters flock to the city to catch a glimpse of Vivid Sydney. Although we can truly appreciate what the event does for our nightlife — as well as the opportunities it provides for the Aussie creative scene — the crowds that it brings make the claustrophobic gal in me scream.

If there’s one thing that we Sydneysiders know, it’s that you should always avoid the city when Vivid Sydney is on. Every year, footage of the crowds that ooze out of the event goes viral on social media, with heaps of viewers expressing their disgust for packed streets and busy train stations.

This year was no different, as thousands of Aussies took to Circular Quay to watch the star of this year’s event, the “Love Is In The Air” drone show.

For those who refuse to be crammed into Circular Quay like sardines in a tin, the “Love Is In The Air” drone show features 700 drones that create a series of symbols surrounding love over Sydney’s iconic harbour.

(Image source: Vivid Sydney / Supplied)

The drone show will be on for three nights — the 8th, 9th and 15th of June — so it’s no surprise that heaps of people flocked to the city for this specific event.

However, on Saturday night, Circular Quay was so overcrowded with hopeful spectators that Vivid Sydney shared a statement to X (formerly Twitter) 30 minutes before the show, urging folks to avoid the area.

They also stated that people who missed out on a prime spot could watch the show online or at Darling Habour.

Footage of huge Vivid Sydney crowds go viral on TikTok

Of course, with the show ending, everyone was looking for a way out amongst a sea of humans. The streets were packed, train stations were overflowing with Vivid Sydney enthusiasts and my claustrophobia was (and still is) screaming.

One TikToker, who posts under @GaredLay, went viral after sharing the aftermath of the drone show.

“POV: After Vivid Drone Show,” the text reads over the video, which has amassed more than 119K views.

“I would much rather take a dump in my hands and clap than be amongst this!” one person commented.

“My definition of hell,” another TikToker wrote.

In a viral TikTok shared by, viewers who claimed to be in the CBD vented their frustrations about the crowds in the comments section.

“IT WAS SO BAD LEAVING… I got pushed into a bench and separated from my own family and people were shoving like they were going to die,” one person shared.

“Bro I was there last night and nearly suffocated,” another person wrote.

“We walked 3KMs from Darling Harbour to Circular Quay just to get yelled at by security to go back because it was to [sic] packed. We found a spot but we couldn’t even see. It was a nightmare,” wrote a third.

In another TikTok, travel content creators Kate and Ell (@kateanell_travel_) said that the crowd “was giving New Year”, referencing the ‘yuge swarm of folks who camp around Sydney Harbour for the New Year’s fireworks display.

“Good luck to everyone leaving the Circular Quay after the drone show,” they wrote on their video.

As much as I would love to cosplay a sexy moth and walk around Sydney for the lights, the crowds ain’t worth it.

Image source: TikTok