Welp, there it is: Victoria is officially heading into its fifth lockdown, from midnight tonight until next Tuesday 11.59pm. But if there’s one thing Victorians are good at it’s laughing away the pain by indulging in some dank lockdown memes, and honestly they’re the one thing that’s going to carry me through these next five-days.

In order to the curb the recent outbreak of COVID-19 case in Melbourne and its surrounds, the state will be launched into a snap five-day lockdown – announced on Thursday afternoon. The rules for this lockdown will be the same as the ones we saw in late May/early June.

“This will be a hard lockdown similar to or identical to what we did a couple of weeks ago,” Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said.

“If you were authorised to work then, you will be authorised to work now. If you were closed then, you will be closed now. It is detailed, absolute clarity.”

Once again, there are only five reasons to leave home:

  • exercise
  • to provide or receive caregiving
  • purchasing essential goods (eg. groceries and medication)
  • work if it cannot be conducted at home
  • receiving a vaccination

We’ve all done this before and I don’t know about other Victorians,  but this time I just feel indifferent about the lockdown. Not angry, not sad…just meh. It sucks, but I know we’ll power through it and hopefully actually come out of it by Tuesday.

But in the meantime, here are some memes to make us feel better.

As someone who regularly shops at Highpoint, I wholeheartedly agree with this idea.

I’m literally obsessed with this idea. Dan, please make this happen.

I would honestly wear a mask all-day-every-day if it didn’t make my entire face more oily than the Middle East.

Victoria: do we got this? Maybe. But do we have good memes? You better believe it baby.

Image: Getty Images / Asanka Ratnayake