This Couple Were Arrested For Trying To Butt Chug A Marg At A Mexican Restaurant

A US couple has gone hyper-viral after a video of them attempting to use a funnel to butt chug a margarita at a Mexican restaurant surfaced on social media.

Talk about “buy me one margarita imma open my legs,” amirite?

Yep, that’s right. A couple — who’ve since been identified as Joe Boyett and Mary Sweat — from the United States of America (HAWWWK) has shot to internet infamy after they decided to get super rowdy at a Mexican restaurant in Waycross, Georgia.

The bonkers story takes us to Rodeo Mexican Restaurant, where the icy butt suck takes place in a cramped booth.

In the Snapchat video, which has since gone gangbusters across the net, Mary can be seen on all fours while Joe is holding a big black funnel.

The Joe licks around the funnel and attempts to insert the item into Mary’s bunda. After he fails, the camera pans to someone who appears to be an employee at the restaurant who can be seen laughing at the whole ordeal. According to TMZ, the worker was the one who handed them the funnel.


In a second clip, the man pours a pitcher of marg down the woman’s crack where he then sucks out the, uhh, beverage.

Backshots? Nah, mate. Americans are doing ass shots.

Following the video’s virality, Rodeo Mexican Restaurant released a statement regarding the bizarre act that took place in its Waycross branch.

“Dear valued customers, we recently became aware of an inappropriate incident that took place in our restaurant,” the letter began.

“We want to make it clear that such behaviour is completely unacceptable and does not reflect our values or mission to provide a family-friendly dining experience.”

The restaurant went on to say that they’ve launched a “thorough investigation in collaboration with authorities.”

“Any employees found to be involved will face appropriate action,” the restaurant continued.

“We are committed to maintain [sic] the highest standards and ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for all our guests.”

(Image source: X / @cherrys0daxo)

Look, if you thought that whole thing was just straight-up buffoonery, wait until you find out how they got caught!!!

US couple gets arrested after attempting to butt chug a margarita at a Mexican restaurant

According to TMZ, the police found out the identity of the couple when Mary went to the authorities to complain about the video.

The publication claimed that she “triggered” the arrest because she complained that someone leaked the video.

Joe turned himself in on the following Monday. However, the Rodeo Mexican Restaurant employee who was seen in the video has not been identified.

The pair were arrested for misdemeanour public indecency.

Ugh, I can’t believe she literally put her ass on the line just for a cheeky video.

Also, ass shots after Mexican food? Brave.