TikTok Has Gone Feral Over This Cursed Uber Eats Item That Looks Like It Was Shat Out By Satan

TikToker Jay K-D Knight talking about Pearl Diver's food item Shiny Fella on Uber Eats in Dunedin, New Zealand

Can someone check on our Kiwi friends, because a restaurant on Uber Eats in Aotearoa is selling one of the most horrifying items I’ve ever seen in my life. 

Pearl Diver, a new restaurant in Dunedin, sells an item called “Shiny Fella” that will set you back $85 NZD (about $76 AUD). The restaurant describes it as a “popular gelatin traincat” with only a limited number being made per day.

It’s what it says on the tin: a cross between a cat and a train, made out of jelly and stuffed with items like eggs, peas, gherkins, luncheon and vegetables. Two peas and a capsicum make the face, and there are toothpicks jammed in it… for stability, I guess? 

TikToker Jay K-D Knight (@jayxknight) uncovered the cooked dish and shared it for all to enjoy, with almost 300,000 people gagged (both ways) by the monstrosity. 

“Uber Eats in Dunedin, what the fuck is that? This is from a restaurant called Pearl Diver, but oh my god, look at it,” he said. 

“$85? What the fuck? Feeds four people?”

The Shiny Fella meat jelly seems to be what’s known as an aspic, a savoury jelly dish dating back to the Middle Ages. They became pretty popular in New Zealand in the 1970s, and after restaurant co-owner Jenny Duncan spotted a recipe in an old cookbook, she added it to the menu. 

$85?? In this economy?! (Image: UberEats Pearl Diver)

According to the Otago Daily Times, nobody has ordered the traincat yet, but the owners are waiting for the day to come.

“We put champagne in him and that’s why he’s so expensive and there is a bit of labour as well,” Jenny explained.

“What you see is what you get, like you can see what is inside him.”

Jenny herself is vegetarian, so hasn’t actually tasted the special item, but says it can feed four people and it’s made to be served cold.

Content creator Jay K-D Knight has teamed up with local radio station The Edge to purchase the Shiny Fella later this week and eat the whole damn thing. He’s a braver man than most, that’s for sure.

Feature image: TikTok @jayxknight, Uber Eats