A Happy Weekend To This Turkish Bear Who Ate Too Much Hallucinogenic Honey & Vibed Out In A Ute

A Turkish bear cub had to be rescued after going absolutely wild on some “mad honey” and wow, that took me right back to the ‘ol uni days. No judgement to this little fellow.

“Mad honey” is the colloquial name for deli bal, a Turkish sweet treat. Well, a sort of sweet treat. According to the ABC, it’s a honey produced by bees who consume a special type of rhododendron plant. The honey can have a hallucinogenic effect, which is what seems to be affecting this poor bear.

Look, we’ve all been there.

In a video from Reuters, the bear can be seen vibing in the back of a ute after she was rescued. Oh, to be a gently hallucinating Turkish bear cub in the boot of a ute. What a life.

Watch this video and tell me she’s not completely lost in the sauce. I’m particularly into the pictures of her sat on the grass, staring into space. I’ve been there too bestie.

Better hope you don’t get tagged in those pics on Facebook in case your Mama Bear spots them!

In good news, the bear was taken to the vet and is now in “good condition” as per The Guardian. I can only imagine the absolute cracker of a hangover she’d have — assuming bears can get hangovers? Animal scientists, please DM.

While eating a lil bit of the honey is usually okay, albeit hallucinogenic, according to The Guardian dozens of people actually wind up in hospital every year with mad honey poisoning.

An FYI there in case you’re planning on travelling to Turkey and recreating this bear’s mad honey taste test.

I’m just happy the bear’s okay. Let’s be honest, this is the bear equivalent of drinking way too much vanilla vodka at a uni party and feeling mildly nauseous every time you smell it for the rest of your life. Is this relatable to anyone else? I hope so.

Godspeed to this bear: fingers crossed they have KFC and orange juice in the Turkish forest for that hangover.