Democracy! What a concept! Unless, of course, you’re President Donald Trump, who is really toeing the line today when it comes to respecting the democratic system. But thankfully, a plethora of US news broadcasters have been quick to call him out on his bullshit during his madman speech today.

In case you missed it (lucky you, if you did) Trump gave an absolutely bonkers speech today, claiming that the election has been rigged, among countless other factually inaccurate claims. I simply cannot stress this enough, it was the human equivalent of watching a train crash.

But while some broadcasters opted for neutral captions, many shared chyrons (that little bit of text at the bottom of the screen) that straight-up called out the president for his nonsense.

It’s been a long week, I’m tired and in need of a laugh and I’m sure you are too. So let’s take a look, shall we?

Let’s start with the CNN chyron writer, who is clearly at their wits end with this election stuff.

Whoever is behind the CNN chyron deserves a fucking raise.

And then we’ve got Fox News, who really aren’t saying what they think they’re saying here.

And let’s not forget PBS pointing out that the election hasn’t even been called yet.

Meanwhile, USA Today just pulled the whole speech and weren’t holding back when asked why.

NBC also pulled the speech, which is honestly fair enough.

Aaaaaand MSNBC.

It has been a long Election Week, and it’s far from over. But regardless of your political views, there is factually no evidence to support Trump’s claims of election fraud.

There are still thousands of votes to be counted, and Trump (in theory) could still win fair and square. But you really have to question it when one candidate is immediately screaming “fraud”, while the other is patiently waiting for all of the votes to be counted.

Image: Getty Images