Remember That Iconic Vid Of A Girl Burning Her Hair Off? She’s On TikTok Now

Remember That Iconic Vid Of A Girl Burning Her Hair Off? She's On TikTok Now

Do you remember where you were when you first watched young Tori Locklear burn her hair off in that viral YouTube video? ‘Cos I do. It was 2012, I was in Year 10 English and I absolutely lost it in class. What a time.

If you haven’t watched Locklear’s glorious video before, or if it’s just been a very long time, prepare yourself for pure perfection.

It is simply a hair tutorial gone horribly wrong, and it’s been viewed 52 million times on YouTube.

The video catapulted Locklear into headlines, earning her a guest spot on The Ellen Show (back when the daytime host was just kind and kind only).

You can see the full OG video in the Ellen interview, too.

WELL, Locklear is all grown up now and a bit of a star on TikTok (of course) with almost 80,000 followers. So naturally, she’s gone and filmed herself watching her own viral video.

Yes, you will feel old.

@torilockleari just had to watch an ad on my own video♬ original sound – sponhour

Locklear posted the TikTok a mere three days ago, and it has already amassed over eight million views and two million likes.

If you feel like falling down a TikTok hole, Locklear has a lot of content on her account.

Like this, in which she talks about her time on Ellen and whether or not she made bank off the back of that viral vid.


Reply to @torilocklear if y’all have any other questions lmk i might f around and answer them

♬ original sound – tori locklear

Is Locklear’s hair tutorial one of the best YouTube videos ever? Of course. It’s up there with “FENTON, FENTON, FENTON, FENTOOOOONNNNN, JESUS CHRIST, FENTON, OH JESUS CHRIST, FENTON.”

For those unfamiliar.

I love Fenton.