A TikTok claiming to show Arnott’s Tiny Teddies rolling off the production line has obsessed viewers, while sparking wild claims that those little morsels aren’t Tiny Teddies at all.

TikTok account @FoodFactoryAus, which has also shared that video of mudcakes being dipped in icing, this week shared a glimpse of pale bikkies being pressed into shape and dumped on a conveyor belt.

Set to a banjo-plucking beat that’s ripping across the app, the clip, which bears the hashtag #tinyteddies, exposes the engineering feats behind some beloved supermarket snacks.

If you really push your imagination, it looks like an endless barrage of miniature baked-goods troops marching into battle (lunchboxes across the country).

The clip has been viewed more than 500,000 times in four days.

@foodfactoryaus##FYP ##food ##tinyteddies ##neat♬ The Banjo Beat, Pt. 1 – Ricky Desktop

Not everything is as it seems, however. While one piece of machinery does appear to bear the logo of WorkSafe Victoria, suggesting the clip was shot at a food factory in Australia, the shape of the ‘Tiny Teddies’ may not be so teddy-like.

Some commenters claim the Tiny Teddy claim is a fib, and that the biscuits being extruded in the clip are actually in the shape of Star Wars characters – hardly the amiable bears Australia has come to know and love.

One commenter suggested the bikkies are, in fact, Coles’ Mini Monkeys butter biscuits.

via @FoodFactoryAus / TikTok
via Coles


PEDESTRIAN.TV has contacted Arnott’s for comment.

Image: @FoodFactoryAus / TikTok