When I opened Tinder today to get my daily dose of validation from strangers, I discovered a new and wonderful setting…You can now hide your profile from certain contacts e.g your ex.

When I first downloaded dating apps after a long-term breakup I was super paranoid that I’d see my ex on Tinder/Hinge/Bumble etc, or that he’d see me. The only way I could work around this fear of mine was to put my age limit up (he was the same age as me) and put my location range to 5km.

It’s not only me who had this problem, many of my friends also live in fear that they’ll bump into their ex on Tinder. Or worse, a screenshot of their cringe bio will get send directly into the boy’s group chat for ample roasting.

Well, not anymore…next time you open Tinder, the setting should automatically appear. If not, you can hop into your settings tab and toggle the option ‘Block contacts’. Now, this means you’d obviously need the persons phone number, so you may not be able to hide from all your ex’s friends. Still, it’s a good tip to have up your sleeve.

It’s also a good option to hide from family members, like a cousin who’ll dob on you to your grandma. The last thing you want is for your grandparents to know “you’re a dom looking for an obedient sub” or worse you take photos with giant fish.

Looking at Tinder’s website, it seems like the option has been available for a while. But just like my iPhone, it’s pretty rare for me to pay close attention to the settings page. It wasn’t long ago that I realised the apple on the back of iPhones can do stuff, like take screenshots and even call someone from your contacts.

Anyway, happy swiping and please use this setting for good (not evil).