This TikTok User Quite Literally Died And Is Now Explaining Exactly What Death Is Like

TikTok Death

A TikTok user who claims to have experienced death is now making videos about her experience, recounting what it is truly like to slowly leave this Earth. The first video in the series currently has 5.2M views.

It’s a lot to think about, and I’d rather not dwell on it for too long, but Liliana, also brilliantly known as @swagdaddy694200 on TikTok, says she has quite literally died, and is here to tell the story.

In the first video that made people aware of this fact, Liliana reacts to a video about the experience of dying, and says what is true and what isn’t. According to her, she was pronounced dead after her brain and her heart ceased to work as the result of an intense allergic reaction to THC.

“You leave your body, but it’s not like a hovering over everyone and watching situation… you become another being… I can’t fucking describe it,” she says in the vid.

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Since then, Liliana has been answering questions from a lot of curious minds, and has even compiled an entire Google Doc to recount her experience.

“I didn’t meet God, there wasn’t heaven and hell, there was source,” she writes in the Google Doc, which you can read right here

“It was really scary but towards the end [of] the tunnel thing… you become it, like you ‘leave your body’, returning back to the source.

“It is scary but in the last stages you feel nothing, there’s no fear, happiness, or sadness you become another source of energy and you’re not having human thoughts it’s really hard to picture it without experiencing it but it felt like eternity.”

Ooof, that’s some heavy stuff.

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Naturally, there were a couple of people who didn’t quite buy the story once they heard she suffered from an allergic reaction to weed.

However, Liliana made it clear in another video that she took so little of it, that it wasn’t enough to have any effect on her. Being her first time, it triggered an allergy she wasn’t aware of, and shut down her body.

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If you need me I’m going to be contemplating the vastness of the universe and the meaning of life. See ya!!