Some Legend Filmed Her Chat With One Of Those ‘Govt’ Scam Callers To See How Far They’ll Go

tiktok scam call video

An Aussie legend filmed a TikTok of a call between her and a scam artist who claimed to work for the government, and it’ll make you almost want to pick up the phone and troll them yourself.

We’ve all received a scam call or 10 in the last few weeks claiming to be from the Federal Government but have you actually stayed on the line beyond the automated message? Well, 23-year-old TikToker Brieahna (@briechad) did and the results are hilarious.

In one video, Brieahna got a call from someone who allegedly works for the Australian Border Force. Sure, Jan.

An automatic message played: “This call is from the Investigation Division of the Australian Border Force.

“The reason behind this call is that the Australian Border Force has found and seized a parcel under your name, which was shipped through Australian Post, using your ID, which contains illegal components.

“There is an arrest warrant already issued under your name. To talk to an officer from the Australian Border Force, please press one now. I repeat, press one.”

My favourite thing about this, hypothetically, is if there was an arrest warrant under your name, an officer wouldn’t give you the opportunity to say no, they’d just knock on your door and arrest you. That’s literally what an arrest warrant is; a written statement that gives police permission to take you in for questioning, lol.

Alas, we continue. Brieahna pressed a number—not one but it put her through anyway—and got in touch with someone who, again, supposedly worked at the Aussie Border Force. She asked them for more information on the arrest warrant against her, which is when they replied with confusion.

“Oh alright, so you mean you got a call from our department about an arrest warrant under your name?”

Mate, if you really were part of the organisation, you would’ve known that. Strike two.

The TikToker then gave them a fake name and address—Cindy Wood from 74 Bellevue St—which is when they transferred her to their “senior officer”, named *checks notes* Lorenzo Herby. Already sounds fake but go off.

“Senior Officer Herby” sounded hesitant to respond when “Cindy” was first directed to him before he dropped his badge number, because sure, police and border officers do that right?

Mr. Herby then claimed that a parcel of hers has been seized because it was full of a “controlled drug substance” and that she owed them $94,000, I think. He went on a rant here and neither Cindy nor I can tell what he said.

Then he asked for her tax file number (??) and Medicare number (???) for some totally normal non-criminal reason and… hung up when she asked why.

It really is just pure comedic gold and honestly something we should all try next time we get one of these scam calls and have some time to kill.

Catch it all below.


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Def trying this next time I’m bored.