There’s a new photo animation feature on TikTok, that literally makes images come to life and of course, K-pop stans are already using it on BTS band members.

The new TikTok photo animation feature uses the same type of sorcery as the Harry Potter franchise, where still pictures can move ever-so-slightly. Like the Sirius Black poster below.

It’s surprisingly pretty realistic, as the feature animates things like eyes blinking, darting around and the mouth smiling slightly. And yes, of course BTS stans are using it on Jimin.



♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

Someone also tried it on a Chucky doll, so I will now be unable to sleep tonight. Thanks, TikTok.


May burn the house down now! #photoanimaton #horror #nope #fyp

♬ original sound – Freyaisacat

I wish this feature existed in 2009, because I can guarantee I would have used it on my seven Twilight posters. But at the same time, it would have emotionally stunted me, because I would’ve just spent days at a time in my room pretending Edward Cullen was my boyfriend.

It’s pretty spooky that technology has advanced to a point where deep fake is getting more realistic and we now have features like this. It’s screaming Black Mirror and it’s only a matter of time before AI will allow us to interact with these animations like they are real people.

Just teleport me back to the 1950s when people didn’t have to deal with technology. Actually… I take that back because a) I’m a woman and b) a person of colour, so I can’t imagine I would’ve had a fun time back then.

BRB just going to try this feature out on a picture of Tom Holland.