A Sydney Man Staged A Kidnapping To Propose To His Girlfriend And It’s A No From Me, Dawg

kidnapping proposal

Imagine this: you’re in love, travel is back and thriving, and you want to propose to your significant other overseas in the most extravagant way possible because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. They say love is blind, which surely is the only reason one Sydney man decided it would be a good idea to stage a kidnapping to pop the question to his girlfriend.

Now, we’ve heard of some cooked proposal stories, but this one is next level.

The bizarre prank was shared to TikTok by Tahlia, whose brother Adam Rizk is the mastermind (?) who orchestrated the proposal to his bae, Vanessa Moujalli.

The video, captioned “the most controversial proposal ever”, kicked off with Moujalli travelling in a car with her loved ones while in Lebanon in early April.

Just moments later, several men in balaclavas approached the vehicle while holding fake guns and attempted to remove the group from the car.

Moujalli appeared visibly distressed (who wouldn’t be?) as she argued with her supposed kidnappers.

“I’m not going with them,” she told the other women. “I told them I’ll give them whatever they want.”

The clip continued in what can only be described as a sequel to Taken, with Moujalli being blindfolded and put in a second car without her family.

kidnap proposal lebanon tiktok
Vanessa Moujalli was “kidnapped” and blindfolded as part of an elaborate proposal scheme by her boyfriend. Source: TikTok @tahlzyy_

“She’s going to fucking lose it,” the male behind the camera said before they travelled to a new location.

Upon their arrival, the TikTok showed the fiancée-to-be escorted to where her boyfriend awaited her with a bouquet of flowers and a ring.

Clearly shocked (and probably still shitting herself over being kidnapped in broad daylight), a tearful Moujalli accepted Rizk’s proposal, which was met with Lebanese drummers and a showgirl dancing around them.


A rollercoaster from start to finish and not one that I’d be interested in riding, TBH.

Naturally, the comment section lit up with viewers absolutely rolling over the elaborate scheme, which has over 429,000 views.

“She’s not crying cos he proposing… She crying cause her life flashed before her eyes and she thought she was [dead],” one penned.

A second user admitted it was “traumatising beyond words”.

“He’d be divorced before I married him! [Fuck] that.”

While TikTokers were totally against the proposal, Tahlia told Daily Mail Australia that Moujalli was “genuinely happy”.

She even confessed that her brother always wanted to “propose in a way to scare” his partner, and perhaps that’s something to discuss in therapy.

“They always play pranks on each other so it’s just their relationship,” Tahlia said, adding the “planning took three months”.

Days after the proposal, Moujalli uploaded snaps of the moment to Facebook, describing the day as a “dream come true”.

There was zero mention of the whole kidnapping sitch and yeah, I’d wanna erase that horrifying memory from my mind too…