Can We Talk About This Wild TikTok In Which A Guy Drives Around A Jetski Like It’s Nothing

TikTok Jetski Scooter Scootksi

Ever wanted to watch a man cruise down the streets on a jetski to his loving wife who backed their car into a pole? No? Well, I’m going to show it to you anyway, because it is one of the strangest things I’ve seen all day and I cannot stop thinking about it.

Let’s hop over to Dee Stemple‘s TikTok (@deestemplexoxo) in which a seemingly normal event (hitting one’s car) is met with the absolute bonkers ridiculousness of man riding a jetski (!!) down the road. Well, actually it’s called a “scootski” apparently, but more on that later.

“Alright guys, so I just got home right now from picking up my little niece and… I hit a pole,” says Stemple in her TikTok vid.

“I called my husband, I told him that he needs to come home. He’s on his way right now, so wish me luck.”

And then bam. You see it. Mr Stemple himself riding a jetski like a motorbike to come and check out the damage that his wife has done to their car.

“So, you know how you say you love me?” she asks him.

“Yes? Come with me. I backed into a pole.”

And then just like a scene from The Office, her husband stares straight into the camera and just says, “shut it off.”

I know, it sounds like I made all that up, but please watch the TikTok and understand.


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♬ original sound – deestemplexoxo

Thankfully, Stemple also posted an explainer video after she received 10K comments on the first one. Most of the comments were basically wondering what the hell was going on, and the answer is kinda interesting.

Turns out, Mr Stemple made this jetski scooter himself, and calls it the “scootski”, which is adorable.

“He actually built it himself, and I’m gonna take you for a little tour,” says Stemple.

Giving the people what they DESERVE. Now, this is content.

In the second video, Mr Stemple also takes his wife for a little ride on their scootski, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t just a touch jealous. I want what they have.


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♬ original sound – deestemplexoxo

Oh to ride into the sunset with my husband on a scootski. One can only dream.